The Society & Technology project from DEFTECH – Your opinion matters !

The aim of this project is to evaluate the limits of social acceptance of technologies and their civilian and military applications in a social environment that is as heterogeneous as possible. In order to achieve it, we need you help and support!

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The Project

Our time is characterized by technologies that develop very quickly. These developments allow for applications that were still considered pure science fiction a few years ago. A successful market launch of such products depends largely on their social acceptance. This applies to both the civil and military sectors. In democratic states, an army cannot avoid considering the social acceptance of technologies and their applications in its planning processes.

The aim of this project is to evaluate the limits of social acceptance of technologies and their applications in a social environment that is as heterogeneous as possible. We need your help to achieve this. Express your opinion. It is up to you to decide on which technologies you wish to express an opinion.

The first phase is to gather as many ideas as possible about what applications a technology could have and whether you consider them to be acceptable or unacceptable. In a second stage we will visualize these ideas and subject them to further evaluation. If you leave us your email address when filling out the forms, we will make the survey results available to you on our platform.

We are curious about your answers!

Find the questionnaire here

This gathering of opinions takes place until: May 31st 2020

Source : DEFTECH

Nouveau blog dédié à la prospective technologique

Acteurs dans différents domaines, ils ont accepté le défi de mettre leurs enthousiasmes en commun pour partager et échanger sur leurs expériences en prospective.

Ce blog est géré par Quentin Ladetto, directeur du programme de prospective technologique (DEFTECH) au sein d’Armasuisse et Thomas Gauthier, professeur de stratégie et prospective. Il est illustré par Matthieu Pellet, enseignant à l’EPFL et Seiko Annie Rubattel, responsable du graphisme.

Il regorge d’articles dédiés à la prospective technologique sous différents aspects… pourquoi ? comment ? quoi ? et n’attendent plus que d’être lus !

Source : La Prospective

Technology foresight – Armasuisse Publication – Technological developments and challenges

The aim of the Technology Foresight research program is to identify disruptive technology trends. It will assess their implications within a military context and indicate possible consequences for the Swiss Armed Forces. armasuisse Science and Technology is contributing to the identification of future technologies that may significantly change the military environment. Identifying potentially disruptive technology trends in good time will allow risks affecting developments and planning for the armed forces to be addressed in a timely manner. This requires the continuous pursuit and evaluation of research activity across a variety of technology areas.

Source: Armasuisse, Research Program 7 – Technology Foresight