Webinar of September 9th 2020 with Erik Elgersma: Decision-Making Under Uncertainty

Swissintell Webinar with Erik Elgersma

The webinar Decision-Making Under Uncertainty: How To Address The Cognitive Biases That Affect Your Strategic Thinking was presented by Erik Elgersma, Founder and Director of Strategic Analysis Services BV and author of a book The Strategic Analysis Cycle.

In volatile times the worst decision is usually the one taken too late. Too often decision-makers can’t wait for all the facts. They must therefore build or strengthen their capability to make decisions under uncertainty.

Unfortunately the human brain is not well-wired for doing so. This webinar will show you how to take better decisions despite the limitations of human reasoning.

The webinar discussed the following topics:

  • Understand the cognitive biases that affect decision-making
  • Avoid falling into bias traps
  • Use structured analytical tools to limit the impact of cognitive limitations on strategic thinking

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Webinar of July 1st 2020 : Competitive Intelligence Use-Cases with Squirro

Swissintell Webinar Squirro

The webinar was presented by Dr. Dorian Selz CEO & Co-Founder, Squirro, The Insights Company. Serial entrepreneur with experience in everything digital, in particular Search, Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, Big Data, Strategy, company & team building, financing, etc. Hall of Fame – Top 100 Digital Shapers.


This webinar discussed how to transform unstructured data into meaningful insights. The presentation was focused on actual examples, discussing both business and technology aspects of the implementation, lessons learned and key take aways.

Cases covered:

  • Safefood.ai – Global Food Risk Monitoring
  • Augmented Banking – Automated significant development detection

LAUSANNE EVENT 01.10.20 – Veille technologique, scientifique et technique : étude de cas et démonstrations @EPFL

Swissintell Veille EPFL

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! Attention le nombre de places est limité !

Conférence avec la participation de

Programme :

  • 18h00 – Accueil des participants et mot de bienvenue
  • 18h10 – Démonstration de l’outil Technology Market Monitoring (TMM) par Alain Mermoud
  • 18h30 – Analyse des besoins en veille technologique par Kilian Cuche
  • 18h45 – Présentation des méthodes de forecasting technologiques par Dimitri Percia David
  • 19h00 – Présentation du programme DEFTECH par Quentin Ladetto
  • 19h30 – Tour de table, questions et réponses
  • 20h00 – Cocktail et réseautage




Fondation EPFL Innovation Park
Bâtiment I, 3ème étage
CH-1015 Lausanne

532681, 152043
46.51629, 6.56142