Swiss Startup Radar

Startup Radar

Where does Switzerland stand as a start-up location in international comparison? In which direction is it developing? What are its strengths and weaknesses? To answer these questions, startupticker launched Swiss Startup Radar as a data-based report in addition to Swiss Venture Capital Report, the flagship publication that appears at the beginning of each year. This second edition makes an extensive examination of Swiss start-up exits and places them in an international context. In addition, the peculiarities of the start-up scene are compared with Israel and a number of other countries. With this analysis, the magazine fills a communications gap. Universities, public and private supporters and politicians are given a decision-making basis for the further development of funding instruments, and the improved transparency also makes investment more attractive.

Startup Radar

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Legal framework for distributed ledger technology and blockchain in Switzerland

Distributed ledger technology (DLT) and blockchain technologies are among the remarkableand potentially promising developments in digitalisation. It is predicted that these developments have considerable potential for innovation and enhanced efficiency, both in the financial sector and in other sectors of the economy, although this potential cannot yet be conclusively estimated.

Switzerland is currently one of the leading locations in the area of DLT and blockchain. Especially in the financial sector, a growing fintech and blockchain ecosystem has developed in Switzerland in recent years. The Federal Council intends to further improve the prerequisites so that Switzerland can exploitthe opportunities offered by digitalisation. It thus wants to create the best possible framework conditions so that Switzerland can establish itself and evolve as a leading, innovative and sustainable location for fintech and blockchain companies – and innovative companies in general.

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Un radar pour surveiller la croissance des startups suisses

Monitorer l’ensemble des startups suisses, mesurer leur réussite, analyser leurs levées de fonds, appréhender leur survie, comparer avec les écosystèmes étrangers: voici la tâche à laquelle le portail Startup Ticker et le professeur de l’UNIL Michael Rockinger se sont attelés avec le Swiss Startup Radar.

«La collecte de données sur les startups est extrêmement utile: ce type d’études donne des éclairages uniques et fiables sur l’écosystème des startups émergentes, offrant des informations détaillées et des mises à jour régulières sur leurs caractéristiques de base, toujours avec une méthodologie apte à mener des comparaisons», insistait en 2016 Andrus Ansip, vice-président de la Commission européenne pour le marché unique digital.

Le Swiss Startup Radar, fort de 200 pages et décliné en trois langues (allemand, français et anglais), peut être téléchargé dès maintenant sur et être commandé à l’adresse

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