Swissintell Webinar with Control Risks 29.04.2021 – Leveraging threat intelligence to tackle emerging digital threats in Switzerland

Swissintell Webinar - Control Risks


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As interconnectivity and digital transformation have accelerated significantly since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, threat actors have deployed novel tactics, tools and procedures to target organisations globally. In our hyper-connected world, taking a holistic and intelligence-led approach to security is fast becoming a necessity for all. In this webinar, Nicolas Reys the Partner heading Control Risks’ global cyber and online threat intelligence practice will discuss analytical tools and methods intelligence professionals can leverage to stay ahead of threat actors. From geopolitical to behavioural and tactical analysis, this session will explore how the Swiss intelligence community can leverage use cyber and online threat intelligence to deal with the cyber threats Swiss organisations are facing today, and those of tomorrow.

The Webinar will be presented by Nicolas Reys. He is the Partner heading Control Risks’ global cyber and online threat intelligence practice. Nicolas is responsible for the management and co-ordination of a team of cyber and online threat intelligence analysts and consultants. He specialises in the provision of tactical, operational and strategic cyber threat intelligence to public and private sector organisations as well as leading and delivering complex threat intelligence and security projects. Nicolas is CREST certified threat intelligence manager (CCTIM), holds a Masters in International Relations and Diplomacy from the College of Europe and a MA(hons) in International Relations and Management from the University of St. Andrews.

A link will be sent the day of the event to access the webinar.

GENEVA EVENT 28.06.21 – Le SRC : première ligne de défense de la Suisse @GCSP EVENEMENT REPORTE EN 2021 !

Swissintell Event GCSP SRC


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Le Service de Renseignement de la Confédération (SRC) : première ligne de défense de la Suisse. Conférence d’exception limitée à 80 participants, sur inscription uniquement. Avec la participation de:

Programme :

  • 18h00 – Accueil des participants
  • 18h30 – Conférences et table ronde
  • 20h00 – Cocktail et réseautage

Plan d’accès à la conférence: GCSP, Chemin Eugène-Rigot 2D, 1211 Genève



This DEFTECH SCAN reports on and assesses occurrences in military technology and capability development taking place from late January 2021 through to late March. It contains reporting on recent activities and announcements in the United Kingdom (UK), United States (U.S.), Finland, Sweden, Australia, Israel, Germany. India, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Armenia, and the Republic of South Africa.

This report contains also new features that will be incorporated into DEFTECH SCANS going forward. First, where appropriate, it seeks to highlight how defence and security communities are meeting the challenge of Covid-19 both in terms of mitigating the current risks to personnel, societies, and operations and preparing to better meet the biological threats of the future.

Closely related to the increased attention to how technology is supporting defence and security community responses to Covid-19 is the paper’s emphasis on the importance of resilience—again, in response to Covid-19 and other biological and environmental threats as well as prioritized military capabilities, such as space architectures.

Finally, the Executive Summary boxes for two sections in this report include descriptions of articles or papers published on topics that are regularly covered in DEFTECH SCANS, but that are not featured in the text of the section. This approach allows for high-level updates of general reporting on key topics— for example, growing interest in hybrid engines—in a more efficient manner.

Source : DEFTECH

The Big Index of Global Newspapers – 2021 Update

These days, having just the right type of promotion for your business is absolutely essential, regardless of what area you’re in. However, with the veritable ocean of outlets today, you can easily get lost in the sheer amount of options to to choose from. Basically, it can be very difficult to find newspapers to promote your story in specific areas. But don’t worry, because we’ve done all the work for you, organizing news sources by countries and regions from all over the globe.

Index and source : WebsitePlanet

L’accès aux images satellite devrait être amélioré

La Suisse devrait améliorer son accès aux images satellites. Le Conseil des Etats a donné mardi à l’unanimité son feu vert à un accord-cadre prévoyant une coopération bilatérale avec la France. Un crédit d’engagement de 82 millions de francs est nécessaire.

Leader européen en satellite d’observation de la terre, la France est en train de développer un nouveau système de satellites d’observation militaire, dénommé Composante spatiale optique (CSO). Elle a proposé son utilisation commune à divers Etats, dont la Suisse. Berne a lancé en septembre 2019 des négociations avec Paris, qui ont abouti au projet sur la table.

Avec cet accord, la Suisse se voit attribuer un droit de participation à la programmation des satellites. Ses commandes d’images et de données peuvent avoir une influence sur le programme, notamment sur les prises de vue des satellites CSO.

Berne bénéficie aussi d’un accès à 2% des images prises quotidiennement ainsi qu’aux archives d’images du système, gérées par la France. En outre, un groupe de travail franco-suisse examinera quelles sont les options pour approfondir la collaboration sur les plans scientifiques et technologiques.

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