Swissintell, the reference for the Swiss intelligence community

Swissintell is a nonprofit organization (which operates under art. 60 ff of the Swiss Civil Code) which was created in 2006 under the name Swiss Competitive Intelligence Association (SCIA). In 2016, for our 10 years anniversary, we updated our bylaws and changed our name to SWISSINTELL.

Our goal is to connect all information professionals in Switzerland and provide a single entry-point for the Swiss Intelligence community. Since 2006, we have organised over 50 networking events in Zurich and Geneva. Today, we have over 350 members and a few sponsors supporting the implementation of our strategy.

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For a very attractive annual membership fee CHF 150 or CHF 75 CHF for student, we offer:

  • Quarterly networking events in Geneva and Lausanne with like-minded professionals
  • An online and offline platform for information professionals
  • Periodic webinars
  • A members-only online section with exclusive features :
    • Several job opportunities
    • Speaker’s presentations from our previous events
    • More than 50 resources related to Competitive Intelligence
    • Our past newsletters
  • A single entry point for the Swiss Intelligence Community
  • The possibility to email us at if you wish to receive rss feeds via email in any of the press review topics
  • Get an overview of both Swissintell’s and other Intelligence’s events
  • Discounts on education and professional development opportunities :
    • Discount for attending the JVeille Event
    • As a Swissintell member, you can enjoy 25% reduction for the first year of membershipfor new SCIP members and on upcoming SCIP events
    • For the certification « Swiss investigation and intelligence best practices», Swissintell members can take the exam for free
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