DEFTECH-SCAN August 2021

This DEFTECH SCAN reports on and assesses occurrences in military technology and capability
development taking place from mid-May to mid-July. It contains reporting on recent military, security, and
industry activities and announcements in Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan, Finland,
Russia, Ukraine, China, Germany, and NATO. Key insights and themes from the reporting period include:

Conflict as a Test Bed: The report also includes three stories on new Israeli technologies or capabilities, all
of which are related in some way to either the 2021 or 2006 conflict in Gaza. Much like Russia’s efforts to
test weapons in Syria—Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu acknowledged that the Ministry of Defence trialled
320 weapons systems in Syria in July1—these conflicts, regardless of one’s perception of their political
justification, have served as useful test for new technologies and operational concepts and for better
understanding of possible future vulnerabilities.

Source : DEFTECH

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