CSS Report – Strategic Trends 2021

As 2021 unfolds, major trends in world politics are leading to rapid changes in the international order. These trends have been under way for some time now, but the coronavirus pandemic has accelerated them. Great-power competition is resurgent, and dangerous crises threaten to erupt in regions around the world, perhaps simultaneously. As the preparation of this volume was entering its final stages, US President Joe Biden’s administration faced both a Chinese pressure campaign against Taiwan and a Russian buildup of forces along Ukraine’s eastern border. Such developments reflect new power configurations and their effects on regional security, which are the theme of this volume.

Several trends are leading to the emerging power configurations. One of the main trends, with direct implications for all of the others, is growing uncertainty about US leadership in the world. Former US President Donald Trump’s “America First” approach was a source of concern for US allies around the world, many of which were likely relieved to see Biden’s election as president. Many US allies welcome Biden’s diplomatic outreach to allies and his support for multilateralism. However, acute US domestic concerns, including pandemic recovery and political polarization, could constrain US ability to exert international leadership. Moreover, some observers question whether Biden’s vision of international leadership is realistic. In particular, they doubt whether the United States has the capacity to engage in great-power competition with both China and Russia simultaneously, especially in conjunction with harsh criticism of these countries’ domestic governance and human rights records.

Source & Report : CSS

Webinar of June 28th 2021 with Richard Lemaire: AI methods for Competitive Intelligence in Switzerland

Flyer Webinar NiiWaa - Richard Lemaire

18 minutes, this is the time Netflix users spend to choose a movie. 11 minutes, this is the time to do an average search on google. Growth of information availability is diluting the revelant information we are looking for. However, intelligence needs for decision makers are dramatic in an ever shifting blue ocean. Fact is, competitive intelligence needs are unique on per user basis. Furthermore the existing intelligence professional tools require an expert to master them.

The objective of this presentation was to show how we (1) embedded AI to tackle the issue of bringing in-the-target information for each one of our users and (2) optimize UX to place end-user in the center of its intelligence harvesting. NiiWaa’s capabality stem from the linking of 3 technological bricks (AI, User interface, web scrapping) used independantly by alternate intelligence platforms. An interactive-educational loop direclty is owned by information end-user enables our alogrithm to tune its search case by case. This method allows extension of research range (by validating or infirming words newly identified) whilst narrowing down the final results : relevant information. This session will be articulated around a tool-demonstration on a actual topic.

This Webinar was presented by Richard Lemaire, CEO of Aprobase and founder of the NiiWaa solution, Richard is an Entrepreneur, an innovation actor and discovery enthousiast. After years of use of Aprobase’s services he takes over the company in 2015 and immediately starts the processes’ digitalization. Through his years as intelligence specialist he witnesses the lack of direct intelligence solutions for decision makers : market available solutions need to be operated by intelligence specialists. He translates his beliefs of the intelligence unicity needs into NiiWaa, an in-house algorithm that he is now pushing to the market.

Throughout his career he patented 2 inventions and created another company. On-the-field actor, he held several positions in the States, Canada and Western Africa in the mining and energy sector. Human-oriented, he supports NGOs and takes part in other human entreprises. He is also a former board member of Swissintell.

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Webinar of June 1st 2021 with Paul Wang: The value of trust in (dis)information – investi(gati)ng online trustful news

Flyer Webinar Paul Wang

The value of trust in (dis)information – investi(gati)ng online trustful news

4.66 billion people use social media. Social media has emerged as a revolutionary powerful communication means to spread (dis)information. What are the benefits, the threats, the risks, the opportunities? How do we trust online information? Is investi(gati)ng in online news company stocks risky or trustworthy? The advent and easiness of online publishing makes it harder to value and trust online (dis)information.

The objective of this presentation was to describe new challenges in terms of intelligence, governance, control, accountability, ethics, reputation of social media (dis)information, explain stakeholders’ impact. With a recent Swiss case who has impacted Switzerland generating disruptive reactions from the Swiss population and a more global case, this session will show how damaging harmful narratives or financial market manipulation can cause tremendous loss of trust and financial losses. In parallel this session exposes the importance of online threat intelligence and cooperation between private and public sectors. This session is also meant to be interactive for everyone to share his and her fruitful thoughts and concerns.

The webinar was presented by Paul Wang and facilitated by Christopher H. Cordey, futuratinow & digiVolution

Paul Wang

CEO and co-founder of ZeNPulsar, Paul is an Entrepreneur, seasoned Speaker, Forensic Examiner, Blockchain Enthusiast, Senior Executive, Cyber Security Advocate, and a university lecturer in Economic Crime Investigation. Also Head of Corporate Governance Insight at Geneva Macro Labs, Paul sits in the Advisory Board of several companies. ZeNPulsar responds to the integrity threats posed by online disinformation campaigns and harmful narratives. Reg- Legal- FinTech specialist, with over 20 years of experience at Big 4 companies, he performs engagements in the field of Cybersecurity, Fraud Investigation, Litigation Support, Data Privacy, Risk & Compliance.

Previously, Paul was Partner, regional Head of Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services at a Big4 firm and Head of Forensic Technology & Discovery Services. He has cooperated with global supervisory and regulatory authorities, compliance officers, legal counsels, and law enforcement. He’s also acting as mediator in dispute cases. Possessing a Master of Computer Science EPFL, CISA, CISSP, CISM, CRISC, MIT Sloan School of Management in Blockchain Technologies certificates, he’s (ISC)2 and ISACA active member.

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