Ethics in digitisation – Interview Dr. Thorsten Busch

“Digitisation is transforming society. How exactly this will happen, however, is not predefined. That’s because technology itself is by no means value-neutral, says business ethicist Dr. Thorsten Busch.

  • If we apply your demands to Switzerland, what should companies do here, in a functioning democracy ? Should they anticipate regulatory decision-making ?

There are three levels of technological decisions. The micro level is personal decisions: do I install Facebook Messenger or Threema on my smartphone? You can consciously become a customer of a company which not only upholds data protection but makes it its business model, so to speak.

Then there is the macro level: that’s politics. In this area, we hope that politicians will understand the challenges and ultimately prescribe values through regulations.

Exactly between the two is the meso level, on which companies work: on the one hand, they influence politics, and on the other hand they are influenced by it. The same applies to consumers, who have needs, but in whom business also wants to awaken needs.

These three groups must find their way to a dialogue.”

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