DEFTECH-SCAN November 2020

This DEFTECH SCAN reports on and assesses occurrences in military technology and capability development taking place from late September through late November. This issue in particular reflects the increasing pace and progress of defence technology development and innovation efforts not just in the United States, China, and Russia, but especially in midsized and even small militaries throughout the world. The report includes updates from the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Israel, Australia, France, Japan, and India in addition to the three large militaries mentioned above.

This volume includes a description of a separate demonstration of an energy capture and storage technology for drones that was also developed by Delft Technical University, signalling not just that this particular university is engaged in interesting and potentially impactful research, but more fundamentally the importance of academia and applied research institutes in the defence innovation ecosystem. Assessment of continued development of Russian exoskeletons and China’s drone swarms—both regularly touched on themes in these reports—also appear in this report.

Source & Full report : DEFTECH

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