The Cyber Security Challenge 2018 – Geneva GCSP 1/2.10.18

Today, More than Ever, Cybersecurity is Everyone’s Responsibility.

Ensuring cybersecurity requires sustained attention to an evolving threat landscape. Having a certain level of “net hygiene” is critical both to safeguard your personal data and also to contribute to overall societal resilience. Given the fast-paced changes in cyberspace, there is a need to have a basic level of understanding not only of how cybersecurity works today but also how it will likely be structured in the future.

This course analyses current and forthcoming cyber challenges and examines the preventive and consequential management measures currently being taken by the international community to minimise the impact of cyber challenges.


This course is targeted to public, private, and non-governmental organisation staff aiming to extend their understanding of cybersecurity as well as related cyber trends.

Source : GCSP

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