The Geneva Digital Talks – series of events

The Geneva Digital Talks aim to contribute to this search by harvesting the experience and expertise in Geneva, which hosts more than 50% of the global organisations that deal with the technological, economic, legal, security, and human rights aspects of digital governance.

The aim of the talks is:

  • to contribute towards finding inclusive and sustainable digital governance solutions;
  • to strike the right balance between a broad digital governance approach (which includes trade, technology, and human rights) and a focused discussion on the pressing need for cybersecurity regulation (e.g. recent proposals by Microsoft and Google);
  • to strengthen participation of Geneva-based organisations in global cyber discussions;
  • to overcome ‘policy silos’ by facilitating the sharing of knowledge and experience, in particular among Swiss and Geneva-based organisations.

The Geneva Digital Talks are coordinated by Directorate for Economic Development, Research and Innovation (DGDERI), Republic and State of Geneva. The talks will be held between October and December 2017, and will include a series of events in the build-up to the Internet Governance Forum (18-21 December 2017). The events will be supported by online discussions and research on digital policy.

Geneva Digital Talk

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