Protonmail veut s’attaquer au marché des entreprises

La startup Protonmail, qui propose un service de mail sécurisé, a annoncé le lancement d’une nouvelle offre dédiée aux entreprises qui souhaitent migrer leurs outils de messagerie vers son service sécurisé. Un nouveau front pour la société basée en Suisse, qui se concentrait jusqu’à maintenant sur le marché des particuliers.

Source : ZDNet

ProtonMail now includes Bitcoin support

ProtonMail is joining the cryptocurrency revolution, and starting from today, Bitcoin is one of our officially accepted payment methods.

Starting from version 3.11 of ProtonMail, it is now possible to pay for premium ProtonMail secure email account using Bitcoin. We have designed the payment system to work seamlessly so that Bitcoin payments are automatically converted to ProtonMail credits which can be used to pay for upgrades, pay invoices, or top up your account. This feature was long overdue, so we are glad to finally introduce this.

Long time followers of ProtonMail will know that we actually have a deep connection with Bitcoin, going all the way back to the very beginning of ProtonMail’s story. We have always been quite interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain, as they empower the same principles that inspired us to create ProtonMail. These are the principles of freedom, privacy, and an Internet ecosystem where all have an equal opportunity to thrive, free from many of the artificial constructs that control commerce today.

Source : ProtonMail

Protonmail lance une offre pour les entreprises

Protonmail cible davantage les entreprises. La start-up genevoise propose désormais une offre pour encourager les organisations à adopter son service d’e-mail chiffré. L’offre Professional Plan de Protonmail, qui inclut notamment un service de support, s’adresse dans un premier temps aux firmes employant jusqu’à 50 collaborateurs.

Source : ICT Journal