Social Engineering: the devil is in the details – Zürich 10.08.2017

Information security threats to organizations have changed completely over the last decade, due to the complexity and dynamic nature of infrastructures and attacks. Successful attacks cost society billions a year, impacting vital services and the economy. New attacks cleverly exploit multiple organizational vulnerabilities, involving physical security and human behavior. Defenders need to make rapid decisions regarding which attacks to block, as both infrastructure and attacker knowledge change rapidly.

The speaker, Ivano Somaini from Compass Security, was a member of the amateur acting group at the Cantonal School of Graubünden at Chur. With his Master in Information Security at ETH Zurich, he found the perfect way to combine those interests: Social Engineering. During his studies he deepened his knowledge in topics such as cryptography protocols, network security and e-privacy. His master thesis deals with the theoretical aspects of security. Ivano modelled and verified the cryptographic protocol Kerberos.
Beside his studies, he worked as developer for AdNovum Informatik AG and afterwards as IT-Supporter for ETH Zurich. Since March 2011 Ivano Somaini is employed as Security Analyst at Compass Security. In 2013 he formed Compass Security’s branch office in Bern and has been leading it ever since.

You will learn more about the methodologies of a professional Social Engineer as well as the newest attack vectors available. Ivano Somaini will present you several attack scenarios he successfully executed in real companies during his six years of Social Engineering experience. All those scenarios exceeding known approaches such as e-mail phishing by far. He will explain how even the smallest and seemingly least relevant information revealed is enough to break into financial institutions and steal industrial Know-How.

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