National Cybersecurity Centre – Semi-Annual Report 2020/2

The NCSC’s first semi-annual report deals with the most important cyberincidents of the second half of 2020 in Switzerland and internationally. It replaces the former MELANI semi-annual report. The main topic is digitalisation in the healthcare sector and the challenges it faces with regard to current cyberthreats.

“…In Switzerland, as in Europe, the healthcare sector urgently needs to adapt its infrastructures. At the same time, the regulatory changes under way and the growing pace of digitalisation in healthcare offer a fantastic opportunity to our industry. Our French neighbours are well aware of this challenge. On 18 February, France’s president announced a new strategy for developing the cybersecurity sector, involving the allocation of EUR 1 billion for cyber-issues, in particular the creation of a cybercampus. Under this plan, EUR 515 million have been allocated to developing sovereign solutions and EUR 176 million to public sector needs, especially those of hospitals and authorities…”

Source and Report : NCSC

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