Kaito, a robot teammate at Enigma – Swissintell event – Zurich 22.02.2018

All of you probably know how critical it is to achieve a successful onboarding of newcomers into your team. Have you tried with a robot? We did. He’s the story of Kaito AI, our own robot teammate. He’s got a name and face. He’s interacting with our clients and speaking with the team. He’s got his own personality because we know that even if automation is slowly eating the corporate world, it will remain a place made of people and relations. And as our credo says: “Always remember to be human”. Read more.

Our speaker, Olivier Kennedy, who is the founder & CEO of Enigma Swiss has a stunning vita and we very much look forward having him in Zurich with us!

“People are the killer app” Geno Church

About Olivier: This strategist soon became interested into the field of new technologies which revolutionize communications. He is one of the leading players in Facebook and Twitter campaigns implementations in Switzerland with Enigma, notably in the BtoB, luxury and politics sectors. But his true strength lies in his capacity to transform beliefs.

18h30 Registration Desk
19h00 Welcome Swissintell
19h10 « Kaito, a robot teammate at Enigma »
20h10 Room for Questions and Discussions
20h30 Apéro and Networking Space

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