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Past Cyber 9/12 Winners: Where Are They Now?The Atlantic Council catches up with previous winners of the Cyber 9/12…

Posted by Cyber 9/12 Student Challenge on Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Past Cyber 9/12 Winners: Where Are They Now?

The Atlantic Council catches up with previous winners of the Cyber 9/12 Student Challenge. Today it’s Alain Mermoud, part of last year’s winning Team Switzerland at The Atlantic Council’s Cyber 9/12 Student Challenge in Geneva.

Alain is a scientific assistant at the Department of Business Administration at the Military Academy at ETH Zurich and PhD candidate in Information Systems at the Faculty of Business and Economics of Lausanne (HEC). His research focuses on the Economics of Cyber Security for Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP). Alain also holds a position as an Intelligence Officer in the Swiss Armed Forces, with a rank of Captain on active-duty.

“I co-founded SWISS-INTELLIGENCE.INFO, a boutique management consulting firm specialized in competitive intelligence and information assurance for the Swiss financial industry. We provide senior managers with detailed research, intelligence and understanding that supports informed decision-making and drives business growth. We also act as FinTech early-stage investors and advisors with a focus on big data, blockchain and cyber security startups. SWISS-INTELLIGENCE.INFO is also the first information portal for the intelligence community with selected news, first-hand research & in-depth analysis focusing on Switzerland.

-Check out what Alain wrote (in French) last year in Le Temps, a leading Swiss paper, about the competition and cyber security. (…/suisse-championne-monde-cybersecuri…)

-Also, registration for both the US and Geneva competitions is ongoing. Be sure to sign up and compete in Cyber 9/12 2016!! (…/cyber-statecraft/cyber-9-12)

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