WEF 2016 : The Blattmann Mitigation Formula



The “Blattmann Formula” and its “EDA Secret SiK NR map” is an excellent navigation economic and geopolitical ISR rescue tool of “Real time” of “high alert” for Eurozone cataclysmic Risk Rescue Mission to advert the worst scenario of “intentional momentous destruction” to camouflage a “failure in ECB Affairs mo­ne­tary governance” by rectifying the “Errors” and “Mistakes” of “Merkellism” style by promoting the professionalism and ethics by learning how to set ap­pro­priate socio-economic national benchmarks, identifying the ISR un­der­per­for­mance/failure/fraudulent economic misrepresentation in default EU members and set finally a ethical priorities for improvement on economic good governance in EU members monetary affairs.



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