The secret formula for customer happiness : building a FinTech startup around emotions – Zurich 19.09.2017

How to make people love your product? Especially: How to make people love something that is useful but complicated or even boring?

Investing is a topic that most people don’t enjoy. It’s intimidating for novices and frustrating for pros. Financial industry has a “thick shroud of mystery”. People associate investing with complicated words, confusing pricing, and cold, sales-driven communication. Sounds familiar? Traditional providers do little to change this status quo.

Selma Finance is a new kind of a friendly personal investor. Our business is to make people excited about investing. The team behind Selma is certain that traditional industries must take people seriously. Everything goes down to making customers happy. Companies need to put customers’ beliefs, concerns and goals, in the very center of their business.

The speaker, Patrik Schär is the CEO and Co-Founder of Selma Finance. Patrik has worked for 10+ years in the Swiss wealth management industry. He has also been an advisor for various startups at Startup Bootcamp in Copenhagen. Patrik is a CFA charterholder, holds a BSc in Banking and Finance from the University of Applied Science of Nordwestern Switzerland (FHNW) and a MSc in Business, Language and Culture from Copenhagen Business School (CBS). His academic and professional career provide him with a deep knowledge on the intersection of Finance, Technology and Cultural understanding.

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