Networks of Systems and Society – Zurich 26.06.2017

The emergence of large networked systems has brought about new challenges to researchers and practitioners alike. While such systems perform well under normal operations, they can exhibit fragility in response to certain disruptions that may lead to catastrophic cascades of failures.

In this free public lecture, Dr. Dahleh, MIT will discuss this emerging area for critical infrastructures. Such applications involve the interaction between physical systems and social networks. He will present simplified dynamic models from transportation systems and the power grid that highlight how such interactions impact fragility/resilience. He will also argue that co-design of both control strategies at the physical layer and incentive mechanism at the social layer is necessary to prevent fragility and systemic failures. Throughout the lecture, Dr. Dahleh will address questions related to information propagation in social networks, herding phenomenon, and the emergence of self-fulfilling crises.

Source : ETH Zurich

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