Study Says Enterprises Waste $300k Annually on Cybersecurity Education

According to a new study, the cost of cybersecurity education for large enterprises at an all-time-high of $290,033 per year per organization, and user education is rocketing up the CIO’s priority list.

Research from Bromium has found that

  • 99% of CIOs see users as ‘the last line of defense’ against hackers. This means the burden of securing the enterprise has shifted to user education and often stringent policies and procedures that limit teams’ ability to get work done and puts a tremendous amount of personal responsibility on the end user.
  • Based on an average of seven hours of cybersecurity training per employee, large enterprises waste $290,000 per year.
  • Skilled employees in HR, Legal, IT and Risk spend an additional 276 hours a year helping to arrange and deliver in-house training.
  • Most businesses (90%) have used external consultants for over 3 days (27 hours) a year to review and advise on security policies and procedures.
  • 94% of CIOs have pushed for increased investment in user education following recent headlines around phishing and ransomware.

Source : Security Magazine

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