Agenda : Why is Internet governance important for Switzerland ? – 02.11.16–WufijRmPr4Aq8JMiA/viewform

University of Geneva – UniMail – room M1170

Lecture by Dr. Jovan Kurbalija
-> Founding director of DiploFoundation and Head of the Geneva Internet Platform

The Internet is a critical infrastructure for Swiss society. On the risk side, the cost of a security failure would be very high – over half a billion CHF for a day of Internet outage. On the opportunity side, most economic and societal growth is Internetdriven.

The strategy Switzerland will develop, and the role Switzerland will play in the elaboration of future Internet norms and institutions, are therefore essential. At stake are the performance of the Swiss economy, the rights of its citizens, and Swiss national security. The core of the Swiss brand and
reputation – a country that is safe, strong, neutral, and smart – might be endangered if these Internetrelated vulnerabilities and opportunities are not addressed.

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