Major crisis for IMD’s EMBA class

Graduates of IMD’s Executive MBA class of November 2015 recently went through an ordeal that they won’t soon forget.

In November they were rushed away to a World War II-era secret military stronghold in the Swiss Alps where they got a taste of some of the most challenging and potentially disastrous moments that many executives will ever see in their careers.

For the second time, IMD partnered with the Swiss Armed Forces to give its EMBA program a realistic crisis simulation. This co-created initiative is directly supported by the Chief of the Swiss Armed Forces, Lieutenant General André Blattmann, who visited all the teams during the exercise and addressed them during a plenary session in the bunker.

“Today’s executives need to understand that crisis management is different from day to day business and they need to know when to switch,” said Stefan Michel, IMD Professor and Director of the EMBA program. “I am not aware of any other EMBA program that prepares executives for crisis management with the same rigor and relevance.”

“Handling a crisis can’t be improvised. Business leaders need to be prepared and need to have procedures in place. The Swiss Armed Forces are experts at dealing with crisis and providing leadership training. We are proud to partner with them for this exercise and it provides a very unique and impactful experience for our EMBAs,” he added.


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