Document leak at DCNS: “We are in economic warfare” – Interview with Christian Harbulot & Alain Mermoud

The French manufacturer DCNS submarine has been the victim of a massive leak of confidential documents, just weeks after landing a record contract worth more

For Switzerland Alain Mermoud, security expert and member of the Helvetic army, “it’s not the volume of documents that have leaked that counts, but the timing. There was jealousy on the sale of submarines and given the level of security in weapons, humans are often the weakest link. ” For this specialist in economic intelligence, do not necessarily see a state to attack state, “it may also be the fact that lobbyists who sail in the area. In these contracts, there are many intermediate “.

Still, the damage is done. Engaged in a virtuous circle with the sale of the Rafale , the Mistral and submarines, the French armament certainly ate his white bread. “It’s a huge blow,” says even an industry observer. For DCNS, these revelations do not signify the end of the “contract of the century” but should disrupt exclusive negotiations taking place between the two countries until the next winter on the terms of the transaction.

“Either we review the price, or are negotiated in more units, Australia demand compensation as more technology transfers. In any case, the French position will be weakened in future negotiations. This was probably the final effect sought by these coordinates leaks in time and space, “summarizes the Swiss Alain Mermoud. France has indeed been struck on the financial field. “We are in the economic war, everyone knows it,” laments a source at DCNS.

Source: Document leak at DCNS: “We are in economic warfare” | The Stopru

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