20min.ch Malvertising Incident

With this blog post we would like to share Indicators Of Compromise (IOCs) related to the attacks against 20min.ch, a popular newspaper website in Switzerland which got compromised and abused by hackers to infect visitors with an ebanking Trojan called Gozi ISFB. The IOCs shared in this blogpost may be used to spot infections within corporate networks.

The compromise of 20min.ch is just one part of a bigger malvertising campaign that is targeting Swiss internet users since at least spring 2015, The goal of the campaign is to infect Swiss citizens with Gozi ISFB and committing ebanking fraud (see Swiss Advertising network compromised and distributing a Trojan and Gozi ISFB – When A Bug Really Is A Feature). MELANI / GovCERT.ch is aware of thousands of computers that got infected by Gozi ISFB in the past months and subsequently were used to access ebanking accounts without the victim’s consent.

We are aware that this Gozi campaign is not only targeting Swiss citizens, but also corporate bank accounts of small- and medium businesses in Switzerland. We therefore recommend SMBs in Switzerland to review their IT-Security arrangements accordingly (see our recommendations at the end of the blog post).

Source: 20min.ch Malvertising Incident

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