Zurich Event on March, 11 – SAVE THE DATE!

Swissintell returns to Zürich! After a short absence, we start a new Zürich-based series of meetings titled “The Next Big Thing”. We will meet every three months to discuss how to identify, monitor, and respond to those trends that will shape or disrupt business in the decade ahead. Together with distinguished professionals working in Swiss-based companies, we will:
  • Identify practical, actionable approaches – including tools and structured techniques – for keeping up to speed with new trends and ideas
  • Ask difficult questions, debunk the myths and identify strategies for dealing with spurious claims from vendors, consultants and others
  • Discuss the major technological trends, including AI, blockchain-based solutions, and the introduction of 5G communications
  • Identify and explore lesser-known but significant, as well as latent, beyond-the-horizon trends likely to shape business in the 2020s

GENEVA EVENT: Apéritif réseautage de fin d’année – 10.12.2019 @Café des philosophes

Swissintell Apéritif Réseautage


Apéritif-réseautage de fin d’année au Café des philosophes, de 18h30 à 20h30, dans la salle à l’étage.

Une participation de 30.- est demandée pour les non-membres qui sont évidemment les bienvenus !