Why ‘DIY Deep & Dark Web Intelligence’ is a Bad Idea

The Deep & Dark Web (DDW) remains the key source for invaluable data and intelligence pertaining to a wide range of cyber and physical threats, fraudulent activities, and malicious actors. Indeed, it’s a promising sign that more organizations are recognizing the critical need to incorporate intelligence derived from these online regions into their security and risk strategies. However, some organizations might be tempted either to obtain such intelligence themselves by using their own in-house teams and capabilities, or, to engage with companies who don’t have the vernacular and cultural understanding of the DDW.

Source : Security Week

Dark analytics : les entreprises à l’assaut du deep web

La dernière étude Deloitte incite les entreprises à s’intéresser de près à la nouvelle matière noire que constituent les données issues du deep web. Mais quelles opportunités et quels risques ce nouveau business fait-il émerger ?


Source : atelier.net

How to Access the Dark Web and Deep Web, Safely and Anonymously

The internet we’re familiar with is only a fraction of what’s really out there. Just below the surface lies the deep web and the dark web, areas that contain countless difficult to find websites, marketplaces, blogs, social sites, and more. The staggering amount of content goes unnoticed by most, but with a little effort and a lot of privacy awareness, it’s easy to crack open the dark web to see what hidden wonders wait inside.

Source : AddictiveTips